15 Best Beaches in the South of France | Coast Swimming

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France is a country that has an abundance of holiday destinations, including the south coast.

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Europe is a continent that has many different countries. Some of these countries have beaches, and some don't. The countries with beaches are usually the more popular ones for travel, because they're easy to get to and there's always something happening

The 13 Best Beach Hotels in Sicily | Coast Swimming

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The city of Palermo, Sicily is known as the "city of three spires" and has a rich history that dates back to before 14th century. Today, it's home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe and

The 13 cheapest destinations for a beach holiday in Europe

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The cheapest beach holidays in Europe are found on the island of Ibiza. The Spanish city is just off the coast of Morocco and has a lot to offer. A great place to visit for all seasons, you can enjoy summer in the Mediterranean

Marrakech Holidays | Coast Swimming

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The sun shines brightly over the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea as you walk along a golden beach, taking in the view. You can smell the salty fragrance of seaweed and hear the waves crashing on shore. Your toes sink into

9 mind-blowing beaches in Lagos, Portugal | Coast Swimming

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Lagos Beach Portougal is a place where you can explore the amazing sights of Portugal, relax on its coastlines, and enjoy the warm hospitality of locals.

Best Beaches in Eastern Europe | Coast Swimming

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Are you looking for a summer destination to escape the heat and enjoy some beach time? Then head east of Europe, to the beaches of Turkey.

35 Cheapest Beach Vacations: Swoon-worthy Destinations You Need to See

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Low-cost beach holidays are becoming increasingly popular with travelers. This is due to the fact that many countries, such as Mexico and Thailand, offer these vacations at a fraction of the cost of what people would normally pay for them in Europe or

Kastani Beach, Mamma Mia Beach | Coast Swimming

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Mamma Mia Beach is a story about a girl named Bella who travels to Greece with her mother and grandmother. She meets an old woman who tells her the legend of the three Fates, and they decide to go on a quest to

Johanna Konta shared pictures from the beach (PHOTOS) | Coast Swimming

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Johanna Konta is a British tennis player who has made her mark on the world stage. She won her first WTA title in 2016, and she was the runner-up at Wimbledon in 2017.

8 of the Best beach hotels in the Algarve | Coast Swimming

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The Algarve is a region in southern Portugal, known for its beaches and stunning coastline. The Algarve includes the following cities: Faro, Lagos, Tavira, Vilamoura and Albufeira.

where is hot in may for beach holiday | Coast Swimming

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May is a great time to be in the south of France, but it's also a perfect time to be in the north of Scotland. It can get quite warm with temperatures reaching up to 30 degrees Celsius, or 86 Fahrenheit.

Best party holidays and clubbing destinations in 2021 | Coast Swimming

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I am a beach bum, I live on the sunny beaches of Florida. I love to surf, swim, and tan. My favorite activities are walking along the shoreline or sitting by the pool. I also enjoy spending time with my friends

Crete Beaches | Coast Swimming

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Crete is the largest and most famous island in Greece. It is a popular destination for vacationers from around the world. The best beaches on Crete are located in Chania, Hersonissos, and Lassithi.

Merlin Beach Phuket ⛱️ What to do on Merlin Beach?

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Merlin Beach Hotel is a luxury hotel on the shores of Lake Erie in Ontario, Canada. Our family-friendly resort offers everything from romantic couples retreats to corporate events and weddings. We are also home to the award-winning Merlin's

Beaches along the Bay of San Antonio

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Ibiza San Antonio Beach is a family-owned and operated hotel located in the heart of San Antonio, Texas. The hotel is ideally situated near the Alamo, River Walk, Sea World and Six Flags Fiesta Texas. It offers easy