How to build an indoor swimming pool? 
Eight key factors to consider

How to build an indoor swimming pool? Eight key factors to consider

Swimming pool ventilation

Tips on how to construct an indoor swimming pool?Eight key components to contemplate

Constructing an indoor swimming pool is commonly a big funding, and it is very important defend the pool constructing appropriately from mould, rot and corrosion by putting in the suitable dehumidification system.

Swimming Pool Selection Guide

Far too many non-public and public indoor swimming swimming pools have been destroyed as a result of the stock, partitions and constructing constructions have been eaten away by mould, rot and corrosion – as a result of an enough dehumidifying system was by no means put in.

Putting in a dehumidifier is essential to dealing with the massive volumes of water always evaporating from the floor of a pool, and from the damp tiles across the pool. A number of thousand litres of water can evaporate from a swimming pool in a single day.

Selecting the best dehumidifier is a posh course of, and there are a selection of things to think about. On this article we checklist crucial ones to offer you an summary of the method.

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Article contents

1. Make sure the chemistry of the water is correct2. Select the right supplies 3. Select the suitable sort of dehumidifier 4. Utilizing a dehumidifier to handle temperature 5. Figuring out working situations 6. Calculating the humidity load 7. Air circulation and distribution 8. Utilizing a calculation instrument to dimension a dehumidifier

1. Make sure the chemistry of the water is right

Step one isn’t concerning the dehumidifier itself, however about creating an atmosphere within the pool room, that’s each snug for customers and never too aggressive on the inside.

Insufficiently handled water leads to poor hygiene, whereas water that has been excessively handled leads to gases within the air that comprise chlorine, which might irritate the eyes and trigger respiratory the identical time, the wrong composition of chemical components within the water might shortly destroy the stock, together with the dehumidifier and different tools which have been put in to course of the air.

2. Select the right supplies

Dantherm Heat ExchangerThe fundamental supplies used within the dehumidifier for warmth exchangers, followers and surfaces, can have totally different corrosion courses relying on the required lifetime.

It is suggested that the essential materials is aluminium or hot-dip galvanised metal that has been powder coated. The warmth exchangers ought to be fabricated from aluminium that’s epoxy-protected and coated.

The evaporators and condensers particularly must have good safety, first with a primer utilizing epoxy coating after which with prime coating.

Basically, galvanised metal or aluminium that’s powder coated are the one supplies which are appropriate for swimming pool environments. Customary stainless-steel shouldn’t be used.

3. Select the suitable sort of dehumidifier

Woman at diving poolPrincipally, an indoor swimming pool may be dehumidified in two methods: through the use of condense dehumidifiers or through the use of air flow dehumidifiers.

In small swimming pools and spas there may be not often a necessity for big volumes of out of doors air. In these instances, a condense dehumidifier is commonly chosen, as a result of it’s easy to make use of and the funding is small.

In medium giant swimming pools, non-public swimming pools or motels, the selection will likely be between a condense dehumidifier and a air flow dehumidifier, relying on a number of components: necessities for the amount of out of doors air, degree of consolation and the scale of the price range.

If there’s a sturdy requirement for the amount of out of doors air and luxury, and the price range is giant sufficient, the selection will are inclined to favour a air flow dehumidifier.

In giant public swimming swimming pools, due to the variety of customers, the requirement for the amount of out of doors air will usually imply {that a} air flow dehumidifier is the very best resolution.

4. Utilizing a dehumidifier to handle temperature

Along with dehumidification, the dehumidifier can be used to control air and pool water temperatures. Nevertheless, the pool water can solely be warmed by a unit that has a built-in cooling circuit.

Relying on which dehumidifier has been chosen, there are totally different choices obtainable for temperature regulation. A heating coil is the preferred option to management the temperature.

When summer time daylight shines by the home windows, the swimming pool usually exceeds the specified room temperature. With a air flow dehumidifier you’ll have the opportunity of using free cooling. With free cooling, the cooler out of doors air is drawn previous an exchanger by a by-pass, in order that the out of doors air isn’t warmed.

Swimming pool environment with ventilationIn some nations, free cooling isn’t enough, and in these instances it’s attainable to construct a warmth pump in a reversible cooling unit utilizing a 4-way valve. On this case the out of doors air is drawn throughout a chilly coil and cooled down.

5. Figuring out working situations

There are a selection of things to contemplate when figuring out working situations for a dehumidfier. The 5 most vital are:

  • Room temperature
    • Usually really helpful to be set 2 °C increased than the water temperature
  • Water temperature – typical values under
    • Non-public swimming pools and motels: 26-30 °C
    • Public swimming swimming pools: 26-28 °C
    • Competitors swimming: 24-27 °C
    • Remedy baths: 30-36 °C
    • Spa: 36-40 °C
  • The relative humidity of the air
    • Setpoint usually round 50 %RH throughout winter and as much as 60 %RH in the summertime
  • Water content material within the out of doors air
    • VDI Northern European Customary is 9 g water/kg air
  • Different traits of the out of doors air

6. Calculating the humidity load

Pool evaporation must be consideredThere are three components that should be considered when calculating the humidity load from a swimming pool.

  • The evaporation from the pool – contributes positively to the humidity load
  • Bystanders and customers – contribute positively to the humidity load
  • Outside air – usually contributes negatively to the humidity load

The calculation of the evaporation from the pool may be carried out in accordance with totally different formulation. At Dantherm, we use the German guideline VDI 2089, which is the conventional commonplace in Europe.

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7. Air circulation and distribution

Air distribution - ceiling ductingAir circulation in a pool room is vital, as a result of air that strikes doesn’t condense as simply as stationary air.

The air circulation is outlined as the entire variety of instances the amount of air circulates within the room inside an hour. The air ought to usually flow into 3-10 instances each hour relying on for instance the insulation of the constructing. Poorly insulated buildings will usually have issues with chilly surfaces that require the next degree of air circulation to keep away from condensation.

Distributing the air within the pool room additionally performs an vital function. Should you add out of doors air to the room, then exhaust air should even be extracted from the room. In any other case overpressure will happen within the room, which might result in condensation within the partitions and chlorine odour within the adjoining areas.

To make sure destructive strain the amount of exhaust air + extract air ought to be roughly 10 % increased than the amount of provide air.

8. Utilizing a calculation instrument to dimension a dehumidifier

Operational data checklist

Figuring out the right way to dimension a dehumidifier for an indoor swimming pool may be difficult, due to the numerous components you might want to think about.

A manageable option to deal with the method is to make use of “Dantherm Choice Software program” and undergo the next three steps.

1. Decide the operational knowledge for the challenge. It’s a good suggestion to make use of a guidelines (see illustration), to make sure you could have included the whole lot.

2. Operational knowledge is entered into the software program’s calculation part, DanCalcTool, the place it’s used to calculate the attainable options for the challenge.

3. Because the final step it’s attainable to pick out one or a number of options and have them modelled and verified within the configuration part, DanConfTool.r5t

The Final Dehumidification Choice Information

For a deeper dive into the specifics on selecting and dimensioning the suitable dehumidifier in your indoor swimming pool:

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